Our Work

Three Chicks specializes in creative storytelling through media ranging from documentary film to live-action shorts to animated webisodes and more. We'll help you bring your brand, mission, message, cause or concept to life in a way that engages and inspires.

Sample projects include:

All Terrain Brain is a national multimedia project for 'tweens consisting of 25animated one-minute videos, an interactive web site, and an educational outreach program with downloadable lesson plans all about developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Funded by the Kaufman Foundation, All Terrain Brain aired on PBS stations nationwide and is live at www.allterrainbrain.org

Quarked! - Adventures in the Subatomic Universe brings subatomic physics to life through a multimedia project including an interactive website, animated short videos, online games, a facilitated program for museums and schools, and an educational outreach program with downloadable lessons plans and activities for parents and teachers. www.quarked.org

Fit's Inn is a video and educational program developed by Girl Scouts of the USA and funded by PepsiCo Foundation as part of a national multimedia program to promote healthy living for girls ages 6 through 11. It inspires girls to take action in developing their own healthier lifestyles.

Silent Angels: The Rett Syndrome Story, hosted by Julia Roberts, tells the amazing stories of families impacted by Rett plus researchers' struggles leading to the discovery of a gene that causes the debilitating neurological disorder that strikes young girls between the ages of six and eighteen months. Julia Roberts hosted and narrated the film, and also represented the International Rett Syndrome Association in front of Congress in 2002.  Deb Haller served as a producer on the documentary film about Rett Syndrome, a rare disorder that can be fatal in young girls.

The Mystery of Mount Rainier is a 1/2 hour documentary film produced for PBS about the history and mysteries of the iconic northwest peak.  Spanning Mount Rainier's beginnings as one of America's earliest national parks, to search and rescue operations, to Native American cultural connections, to it's volcanic geology and outdoor adventure opportunites, the film is an ideal introduction to the Mount Rainier. 

Exploring the Elwha River Ecosystem is a four part web series for youth produced with Fox-Wilmar Productions for Olympic National Park and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.  Deb Haller served as content development consultant, writer and producer.

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